Financial Advisory Analytics Manager, Deloitte

Daniel has 20+ years experience in developing solutions, programs and models using analytical skills across different industries: software development, government, fintech, retail and mobility, along with 7+ years experience with data processing, data analysis, machine learning and statistical tools: Python (numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn), Spark, R Studio, MatLab and Statistica.  He is also an alumnus of Data Science Retreat (Batch 05).


Senior Data Scientist, FlixBus

Dr. Jesús Martínez-Blanco is a physicist turned data scientist with a broad interest in solving data related problems with Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization. He is a Senior Data Scientist at FlixBus, and has previously worked at LiveIntent developing predictive models and recommenders. His stack includes Python, Igor, R, and JavaScript.

Jesús holds a PhD in Condensed Matter and Material Physics from Universidad Autonóma de Madrid. He has also been a post-doctoral researcher with the Max Planck Society (Fritz Haber Institute) and the Paul Drude Institute (Berlin). Jesús is an alumnus of Data Science Retreat (Batch 05).


Senior Data Scientist, Zalando

Nour Karessli is a Senior Data Scientist at Zalando on the Sizing Program. She conducts research on building machine learning model to provide customers with fashion size and fit advice. She works with a specific focus on computer vision and weakly supervised learning. Before joining Zalando, she was a Computer Vision Engineer at EyeEm, focusing on few-shots and meta learning using images and text embeddings.

Nour completed her Master’s in Computer Science from Saarland University focused on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. She was assistant researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and published on fine grained zero-shot image classification using human gaze information. She holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering focused on Software Engineering from Damascus University.


Data Science and AI Educator, AI Guru

Dr. Tristan Behrens holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (TU Clausthal) and is building up his Deep Learning practice via http://ai-guru.de. Previously he was engaged in the automotive industry, consulting in the Volkswagen AppFactory, executing mobility strategies for MHP Porsche, being a founding member of the Porsche Digital Lab and running his own AI practice.
Tristan focuses on Deep Learning education and prototyping for startups and companies moving into AI-driven product development. He is also a certified yoga teacher, specializing on hatha vinyasa yoga.


Senior Product Manager, HomeToGo

Kevin Wong is a Senior Product Manager at HomeToGo.  Previously he had roles at OLX, Fyber and Zalando. He has extensive experience in making and presenting the business case for data and product.
Kevin studied International Business at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and holds a Master’s degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is an alumnus of Data Science Retreat (Batch 01).


Data Scientist, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH

Rachel Berryman is a Data Scientist, AI Center of Excellence at 50Hertz Transmission GmbH. She is also a DSR alumnus (Batch 12). Prior to joining Data Science Retreat, she worked as a Senior Energy Data Analyst at an energy engineering and consulting firm in the US.
Rachel is enthusiastic about using data science and machine learning to create a more sustainable and equitable society. She has a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews.
She is a determined advocate of supporting women in the data science profession and STEM fields.


Data Scientist, MYTOYS GROUP

Dânia Meira is currently working as a Data Scientist at MYTOYS GROUP. She has been doing Data Science with a focus is on predictive analytics and modeling for user behavior patterns since 2012, right after concluding her bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil).

She also holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil). For her, understanding the business applications of the machine learning models is essential in order to make a real contribution. She handles data in a variety of technologies like Redshift, MySQL, Oracle and Hive databases with Python, R, Spark, and Scala.

Dânia is also part of the volunteer team at DSSG Berlin and also an active jiu-jitsu practitioner.


Professor - Machine Learning, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Patrick Baier is currently a Professor for Machine Learning at Hochschule Karlsruhe. He is a former Data Science Technical Lead at Zalando, where he was designing and implementing distributed machine learning algorithms in the fraud detection domain. Working at the intersection of machine learning and production code, he is experienced in a large and diverse tech stack, including Spark, Scala, SQL, AWS, Docker, R and Python.

Patrick holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Stuttgart. He was member of the Distributed Systems research group where he was working on probabilistic models to support energy efficiency of mobile phones.


Energy Data Scientist and former Director, DSR

Adam Green is an energy engineer and data scientist. He has over 6 years experience working at the intersection of energy, data and machine learning. His research interests include reinforcement learning and time series. Adam is responsible for managing the teaching and curriculum at DSR, and is an alumni from Batch 9. His portfolio project at DSR was energy-py, which Adam continues to use today.


Senior Data Scientist, FactoryPal

Edith is a a Neuroscientist and data scientist with 10+ years of experience of research in the field of system neuroscience. Her research she used state of the art signal processing, statistical methodologies and machine learning approaches to study how the brain utilizes sensory information in the creation of internal representations of the world.


Lead QA Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Steve Upton is Lead QA Consultant at ThoughtWorks, and a software engineer with a background in testing, messaging, and distributed system design. Steve worked at IBM on a variety of projects, from Mainframes to Microservices and was a voting member of the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee. Steve studied Computer Science at Cardiff University and Physics at The Open University.


Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Philipp Schmidt is a Software Development Engineer for Amazon. Previously, he was Data Scientist at Fyber, a mobile advertising technology company built by developers, with 500+ million monthly active users. Philipp has very broad but also strong machine learning capabilities. Philipp is a fan of Scala and Akka, and endorses reactive and functional programming paradigms.
Philipp was awarded a ‘Diplom-Ingenieur’ in Computer Engineering by the Technical University of Berlin. He also participates in Kaggle competitions.


Machine Learning Scientist, Natural Vision UG

Daniel Nouri is a machine learning specialist with a focus on deep learning, a software engineer with 20 years of experience in building reliable, high-performing systems, and owner of Natural Vision UG, a consultancy based in Berlin, Germany.

Markus Hinsche

Machine Learning Engineer

Markus Hinsche is a Software Engineer working with Deep Learning. He is one of the rare breed of people actually from the Berlin area. He is a freelancer in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. He is constantly looking for new challenges. He loves working in the medical domain, environmental domain, and education domain. Go to https://markushinsche.de to find about about his projects.
Markus holds a Master’s degree in IT Systems Engineering. He worked at Merantix on technologies needed for autonomous driving. He also helps to build innovative medical startups at Charité. He works in the Child Growth Monitor project, which builds smartphone app to detect malnutrition.


PhD student in Machine Learning

Alice Martin is a Machine Learning Engineer and PhD student in Machine Learning at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, doing her research in the field of NLP and Reinforcement Learning.


Senior Data Scientist, New Yorker

Jakub works as a Senior Data Scientist at New Yorker where he works on various project mainly related to computer vision and object detection. Previously he worked in the Fintech sector. Jakub holds a masters degree in biomedical signal processing.

He is passionate about practical hands on deep learning as well as python development and bringing deep learning into production systems.

Antonio Rueda-Toicen

Senior Data Scientist, Neuraltrain GmbH

Antonio is a Computer Scientist and Bioengineer. He has a background in academia and industry. He specializes in computer vision and hosts the biweekly Berlin Computer Vision Group


Full Stack Developer, FlixBus

Jacopo is working as a Full Stack Developer at FlixBus, a young mobility provider offering a sustainable and comfortable travel through Europe and the United States. Before this experience, Jacopo worked as a Data Engineer at Project A Ventures and a Developer at Spindox. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Italy.

Paul Mora

Data Scientist and Economic Consultant, Oxera

Paul Mora is a Data Scientist and Economic Consultant at Oxera. He has over three years experience in the intersection of Economics and Data Science. He published multiple front-page Medium Data Science articles and focuses on econometrics and time series. His academic background is in Finance and Economics, and he holds a master’s degree in Financial Economics from the University of Oxford. 

Davide Posillipo

Senior Consultant and Data Scientist, Deloitte

Davide Posillipo is a Statistician currently working as Senior Consultant and Data Scientist at Deloitte Germany. He holds a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Statistical Science. He has over 6 years of experience in data science consulting and in the application of statistical reasoning to machine learning and deep learning. 

Dr. Aline Quadros

Data Scientist, Flaconi

Aline Quadros is a Data Scientist at Flaconi. She has a PhD in Biology and also over 9 years of experience as a researcher, visiting professor, communication coach and project manager. She passionate about statistics and supervised/unsupervised machine learning. 

Dr. Stanislav Chekmenev

Data Scientist

Stanislav finished his PhD in particle physics in 2016 and slowly transitioned to a broad area of data science. In the beginning of his career he extensively worked with predictive models in the area of online advertising in several companies. He has experience with NLP and currently works on the intersection of multiagent reinforcement learning and computer vision with Certainty Lab, where he together with the others tries to solve a problem of the implementation of a fully AI solution for a network of real traffic lights. His main tools are Python, Tensorflow, R and MatLab. 

Dr. Bastian Kubsch

Data Scientist and biophysicist with entrepreneurial experience

Bastian combines insights from the academic as well as from the business world. After completion of his PhD in the field of biophysics at the Max Planck Institute, he gathered entrepreneurial experiences as one of the founders of a Berlin-based smart farming startup. Having started out as managing director, DSR provided him with the means to change his function to a data scientist as which he currently works on a project in the startup.

Dr. Damian Klimke

Principal Cofounder, StartIn-Holding GmbH

Damian Klimke has a PhD in Mathematics and its didactics at the Free University of Berlin. He was also involved in founding a number of StartUps.

DR. Nima H. Siboni

Team Lead Machine Learning, DeepMetis

Nima is a simulation scientist turned into a data scientist. In his graduate studies, he utilized different simulation techniques for solving problems in statistical physics and complex systems. In particular he worked with agent based techniques, which paved the way for intelligent agents, i.e. reinforcement learning. He has MSc and PhD in simulation science and condensed matter from RWTH-Aachen and Max-Planck-Institute in Düsseldorf. He is currently team leader of machine learning group in DeepMetis. He is also a DSR alumnus.

David Nogueira

Senior Software Engineer, Priberam

David Nogueira is a Senior Software Engineer at Priberam’s R&D department, where he works with high-performance Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, including search engines and information retrieval, question answering and fact-checking, entity recognition and entity linking, sentiment analysis, and voice services. 
David has been responsible for the design, implementation and full-stack integration of NLP systems, for the publication of scientific articles, as well as for project management and development team leading roles.
Previously, he worked as a consultant in the banking & insurance sectors at IBM. David holds an MSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon).He is passionate about bringing state-of-the-art algorithms and research outputs into production systems and successful products.


Senior Lecturer in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Deakin University

Dr. Marek Gagolewski is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Artificial Intelligence at
Deakin University in Australia and earlier to that he was a Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology, researching and teaching on Data Science, Big Data, and Machine Learning. He teaches introductory and advanced courses in R, Python, and C++, and supervises PhD and MSc students in Computer and Data Science. He is the author of best-selling books on Python and R programming and many R packages, including the famous stringi package.
Marek holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Polish Academy of Sciences, specializing in data aggregation, fusion, and mining, as well as computational statistics and uncertainty modeling.


Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong

Qingchen is an award-winning data scientist with rigorous training in machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, and econometrics. He is one of only 87 grandmasters (as of mid-2017) on the Kaggle data science competition platform (top rank of 14th out of 52,000+ active competitors on Kaggle), and he also have significant experience in software engineering (C++, Java, Python).

Currently he is working on research and development of data-driven solutions to problems in digital marketing.

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