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Speed up your transition into data science


08 January - 04 April, 2024 (admissions closed)

08 April - 04 July, 2024

24 June - 17 September, 2024

Advanced data science education, taught by industry experts​

About the program:

On-site (Berlin) and Remote (online mode) available

12 weeks, full-time and intensive

Most advanced Curriculum in Europe

Small class sizes

€10,500 ( learn more about financing options)

All classes are taught in English


Data Science is such a complex topic that a single person cannot be an expert in every area. Therefore, at DSR, we have one teacher per topic. This allows for the teacher to be a master for that topic.

We source the very best experts and teachers with a track record in Data Science and Machine Learning.


Data science is the intersection of engineering, analytics and business. We teach state-of-the-art Curriculum which is constantly improved every batch.

You’ll be taught by experts in the field, covering theoretical and practical uses of data science and machine learning

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Upcoming Batches​

08 April - 04 July, 2024

24 June - 17 September, 2024 




“After having interviewed hundreds of aspiring data scientists over the years, my experience is that DSR graduates are almost universally in the top 10% in terms of readiness to contribute and deep domain expertise. I have so far hired 6 DSR alumni, all of which have proven highly capable individuals whose contributions have made a huge impact in Kreditech.”

Jose Garcia

Chief Data Scientist, Kreditech​

"We hired a data scientist from DSR, and have been absolutely delighted. Not only was the person able to hit the ground running, he also impressed us on multiple occasions with his speedy delivery and well-rounded skill set. It should come as no surprise that he rose up to become a senior data scientist in short order.”​

Peter Tegelaar​

Chief Data Scientist, Catawiki​

“The graduates we hired from DSR have performed very well. We have been impressed by the skillset they had obtained in both machine learning and computer science in a fairly short period of time. The quality of the candidate pool is much higher than in the open. If we increase our headcount, we would hire from DSR again.”

Ronert Obst​

Chief Data Scientist, NewYorker​