Projects and Graduates

Over 335 participants have successfully graduated from DSR by completing an innovative portfolio project.​

Batch 36

Career Changer App

Project by:

David Kiss

 NLP Driven E-Commerce Analytics

Project by:

Ant Aydar

ArtSpeak Simplifier

Project by:

Mikk Madisson

AI Font Generator

Project by:

Maryam Asadzadeh Kaljahi and Milosz Paul Rosinski

Batch 35

AI based Wind Power Forecasts

Project by:

Oliver Eisele

Teach papers to 5 years old
Bureau Bot

Batch 34

Natural Maps

Project by:

Justin Zarb, Pasquale Anthony Zito & Adam Hughes

MAG (Medical Advice Generator)
Berlin Computer Vision Bike Routing
Cervical Cancer Prediction Tool
AI-driven tools for doctors

Project by:

Paul Jewell

 AI-Powered Video Analytics

Project by:

Eugene Chepil

Short-long time fuel price prediction in Germany

Project by:

Sergii Kurlov

Batch 33

Building Image Alignment and Roof Segmentation Using Gradient Descent and Deep Learning Approaches
Khayam ChatGPT towards Argumentation
Novel approach to estimate soil solution salinity Using Frequency Domain Reflectometry sensor
Sports predictions: National Hockey League
Predicting the tree height and tree type missing in the Berlin tree registry and also the Urban trees not included in the registry to develop a complete and reliable tree catalog
Best seller generator: create a model capable of generating image designs and  item tags that have the potential to be bestsellers in etsy.

Project by:

Antonio Pico

A tool for easier navigation in PubMed.

Batch 32

AccIndex - Using Graph Neural Networks to predict traffic accidents
"The Jam Machine" - Can computers help musical creativity ?
Detecting nail diseases with the help of AI
DiDi (Discussion Digest): 

Project by:

Dr. Nicola Cerutti

Phish-Gen - an AI Powered Phishing Simulation

Project by:

Emanuele Roppo

Drone Image Clustering with K-Means

Batch 31

WildFire prediction

Project by:

Juan Garcia-Berdoy Carvajal, Lucian Renita &  Rainer Przybilla

Simulating Eye tracking data with AI for Marketing

Batch 30

Sanjaya - A Visual Question Answering bot with voice assistance

Project by:

Madhuri Sakhare


Project by:

Luise Strathe

Yoga AI App
Physics AI

Project by:

Simon Markus

His master’s voice -DNN for the Localisation of sound

Batch 29

Applying Data-Science to Telecommunication Networks

Project by:

Karim Hussami & Naveen Korra

Finding the best place to do a Phd in Germany
Remove Reverb from Sound
Conversational Agent for Language Learning

Batch 28

Estimating the solar potential of buildings using Roof Analysis.
Digital Nose

Project by:

Igor Isaev & Hazel Wat

Ana's Ping Pong
Meeting Notes AI
Salsa Annotation ML

Batch 27

Dance Machine

Project by:

Antonio Di Fenza

Covid Detector

Project by:

Paul Grzesik, Sujit Badle & Tomek Florek

Batch 26

E-Commerce Recommender Systems

Project by:

Kiril Kasjanov

Detecting humans in LIDAR point clouds

Project by:

Florin Ghiorghiu

Deep Martin transformer

Project by:

Christopher Lemke

Identifying Disaster Tweets

Project by:

Bahar Rezaei

Batch 25

Zero-shot Multi Speaker Text To Speech

Project by:

Alberto Julián

Check your pose

Project by:

John Enevoldsen

Sound of Failure

Batch 24

Can deep learning reliably predict the consumption and generation of renewable energy?
Face detection combining hand pose recognition

Project by:

Alexander Casper

Drink it or bank it?

Project by:

Liene Astiča

Lip Reading

Project by:

Axel Nordfeldt

Misophonia Filter

Batch 22/23

Deep Learning for Sign Language translation

Project by:

Tomasz Iżycki

Monitoring water levels with satellite imagery
Deep Learning for Crypto Market Prediction
Plum Music

Project by:

Christopher Dick

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