Projects and Graduates

Over 260 participants have successfully graduated from DSR by completing an innovative portfolio project.​

Batch 28

Estimating the solar potential of buildings using Roof Analysis.
Digital Nose

Project by:

Igor Isaev & Hazel Wat

Ana's Ping Pong
Meeting Notes AI
Salsa Annotation ML

Batch 27

Dance Machine

Project by:

Antonio Di Fenza

Covid Detector

Project by:

Paul Grzesik, Sujit Badle & Tomek Florek

Batch 26

E-Commerce Recommender Systems

Project by:

Kiril Kasjanov

Detecting humans in LIDAR point clouds

Project by:

Florin Ghiorghiu

Deep Martin transformer

Project by:

Christopher Lemke

Identifying Disaster Tweets

Project by:

Bahar Rezaei

Batch 25

Zero-shot Multi Speaker Text To Speech

Project by:

Alberto Julián

Check your pose

Project by:

John Enevoldsen

Sound of Failure

Batch 24

Can deep learning reliably predict the consumption and generation of renewable energy?
Face detection combining hand pose recognition

Project by:

Alexander Casper

Drink it or bank it?

Project by:

Liene Astiča

Lip Reading

Project by:

Axel Nordfeldt

Misophonia Filter

Batch 22/23

Deep Learning for Sign Language translation

Project by:

Tomasz Iżycki

Monitoring water levels with satellite imagery
Deep Learning for Crypto Market Prediction
Plum Music

Project by:

Christopher Dick

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